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Water Softeners

water softener
water softener

Shower your family with conditioned comfort

Choose a home water treatment system with quality controls by Pentair Water

Introducing a system to make your home's water clearly better.

Untreated water makes home life hard to love

From soap scum and scaly skin to low water pressure and costly appliance breakdowns, a homeowner pays dearly for filling their plumbing system with untreated water from a well or a municipal water system. Fortunately, the solution is easy: add a home water treatment system equipped with a Pentair Water® valve and an intelligent Logix™ controller, installed by Pentair Water professionals.

The solution: treated water for better living... plus cost savings

The moment your new system is turned on, you'll start enjoying all the benefits treated water can bring:

  • Suds galore whenever you shower or do household cleaning chores
  • Beautiful hair with more luxurious volume, softness and manageability
  • Softer skin that feels noticeably smoother after bathing, showering or shaving
  • Sparkling dishes and china with no filmy buildup, while using half the dish soap and no dishwasher rinse additives
  • No more scrubbing to remove water scale deposits from sinks, tubs, toilets, cutting boards and counter tops.
  • Soap savings of up to 50% on laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, fabric softener and more*
  • Energy savings by improving water heater efficiency nearly 30%*
  • Fluffy towels and cleaner clothes that look brighter, feel softer and last longer
  • Cooler ice cubes that freeze clearer and harder for more attractive drinks
  • Appliance performance improvements in dishwashers and washing machines... no more water scale buildup on internal parts
  • Cleaner, clearer plumbing that works easily, clogs less readily and maintains full pressure longer
*Source: Water Quality Association

How It Works

The system centers around a pressurized tank filled with negatively-charged resin beads, which interact with untreated water to draw off undesirable minerals. A backwash cycle rinses away the captured minerals, followed by a regeneration cycle that recharges the beads with a brine solution.

The entire process is managed by a precisely engineered Pentair Water® valve, which works in tandem with a computerized Logix™ controller to treat your water with maximum affordability and eco-friendliness.

565D High-Efficiency
Water Softener

Scale Reduction System

The Trouble With Hard Water

Hard water (calcium & magnesium) is a common problem for many homeowners and businesses. When hardness minerals are combined with heat it forms troublesome scale. Scale causes costly build-up in your plumbing, water heater and other water using appliances. When combined with soap, the minerals form soap curd or scum that makes skin dry and itchy, hair lifeless, laundry dull and builds up on fixtures.

Benefit From Softer Water:

  • Silky shiny hair
  • Soft supple skin
  • Crystal clear dishes & glassware
  • Bright whites, vibrant colours
  • Easier cleaning
  • Use up to 75% less soap
  • Lower water heating cost by 29%
  • Protect plumbing & appliances
  • Extend life of laundry
  • Save as much as $479 annually*

*Potential savings based on Water Quality Research Foundation Battelle Institute Study

Cleaner, Smarter, Better…Soft Water


  • Uses up to 65% less salt and 45% less water compared to competitive mechanical metered units
  • Energy efficient. Uses approximately $1.19* in electricity annually
  • Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve with seven year warranty featuring proven piston, seal & spacer technology
  • Fully adjustable cycles allow customization to the most efficient settings based on specific water quality requirements
  • A 'No Touch rotating LCD information display continuously displays real time performance data: time/date, capacity, last regeneration date, volume remaining (gallons), current flow rate, peak flow rate, regeneration time
  • NSF Certified fiberglass pressure tank with lifetime warranty
  • High density polyethylene salt tank with lifetime warranty
  • WQA Gold Seal Approved cation exchange resin
  • Brine safety valve for added overflow protection
  • Plastic salt grid prevents salt bridging
  • Unique precision turbine meter is incorporated in system bypass valve
    – saving space over 4" of floor space
  • Time saving quick connect fittings on brine line, drain line (with 0-ring seal) and power cord for fast and easy installations
  • Available in Twin Tank or Cabinet models
  • Attractive condensation jacket on twin tank models (up to 10")

Scale Reduction System

Scale Reduction System
Scale Reduction System

Salt Free Water Conditioner, 100% Scale Removal

The Green Alternative

  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Preserves beneficial minerals
  • Does not waste water
  • Does not release harmful minerals or chemicals into the water system

We understand the importance of being environmentally committed to developing water treatment processes that will help solve environmental challenges. The Scale Reduction System is a maintenance free, chemical free, salt free "Green" water conditioning system. The Scale Reduction System has Filtersorb-SP media which is a catalytic media that's prevents the formation of scale and eliminates existing scale by accelerating the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless "Nano" crystal particles. As these "Nano" crystal particles flow through plumbing systems, they do not attach to pipes, fixtures, valves or heating elements.

The 3-Phase Filtration Process


The Calcium and Magnesium is removed from the water. The catalytic surface of the Filtersorb-SP3 media pulls the Calcium and Magnesium ions from the water and converts these ions into harmless "Nano" crystal particles.


The existing scale in the piping and hardware is removed. The "Nano" crystal particles are neutral and are unable to attach to any surfaces, but due to their large surface area and "Nano" structure, bind to the calcium ions in the scale, gradually breaking the grid structure of the Calcium deposits. Over time, the Calcium scale deposits within the pipes and equipment are completely removed.


A 3 to 5 micron protective corrosion layer is formed. This layer forms because of the reaction of "Nano" surface of the crystals and metallic surface of the pipes. As soon as the protective layer is formed, it can no longer grow bigger, but it creates complete protection.

Virtually maintenance free, chemical free and salt free. The Scale Reduction System has proven to be an effective environmental alternative where benefits and overall performance surpasses competitors.